About Us

Taylor Associates began as Taylor and Associates being operated by Steve Taylor and Jack Pusey. After years of hard work, John Taylor decided to retire to Florida to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Jack Pusey then took over the helm.

Jack Pusey is the owner of Taylor Associates Inspection Services changing the name to more accurately fit the new ownership without losing the familiar name. Jack is a certified building inspector in BOCA (Building Officials & Code Administrators), CABO (Council of American Building Officials), IBC (International Building Code), MDE (Maryland Department of the Environment) for lead inspection technician and building codes.

Prior to making Taylor Associates Inspection Services a full time business, Jack built several homes in the Delmarva area. With 22 years experience as a builder and contractor doing both home improvement and new construction, Jack took the position of Building and Housing Inspector for the City of Salisbury. His duties included inspecting both new and existing building and housing codes.



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