Our primary service is to provide a complete residential home inspection. Additional services are listed to the left.

What is a home inspection?
A home inspection by Taylor Associates Inspection Services is a visual examination of the home you would to buy or sell. The examination will asses the overall condition of the home and its components. Taylor Associates also inspects new construction, from footing to final inspections, as well as plan reviews.

Why have a home inspection?
Purchasing or construction of a home is a major decision in ones life. An inspection by Taylor Associates Inspection Services can provide a comprehensive analysis of the prospective property to help you in making an informed decision.

What will you receive?
Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector will provide an easy to understand report detailing the condition of the home. The report will contain an analysis of all areas and systems covered during the inspection.

What the inspection covers…
The inspection will look at every major system in the home to evaluate each system as it exists. The areas inspected include the following:
• grading & drainage (including guttering)
• roof system
• exterior walls (including chimneys)
• attic inspection
• interior walls, floors and ceilings
• foundation and structure
• doors and windows
• electrical
• plumbing
• mechanical
• major appliances

We will inspect readily accessible areas and disturb nothing on the premises.This is a visual inspection only. We do not express or imply any warranties.

Can you be present?
The prospective buyer or seller is encouraged to be present during the inspection but is not required.

How to schedule your home inspection?
Call to schedule an appointment. We are available seven days a week. Make a list of any questions or concerns you may have about the property. Make arrangements to gain access to the property.
After the inspection is complete a detailed report will be provided. Once you have reviewed the report feel free to call us back to discuss it or make arrangements to meet at the property to address any concerns.

What will the inspection cost?
The cost of the inspection will vary between $150 to $300. For homes priced above $300, 000, please call for a quotation.Payment is expected at the signing of agreement. We will accept cash or check. Prices are subject to change.

  • Home Purchase Inspections
  • Pre Sale Inspections
  • New Construction Monitoring
  • Commercial Inspections
  • New Home Warranty Inspections
  • Crawl Space Inspection
  • Second Opinion Inspections

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